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      China Prefabricated Building Industry News Flash

      China Prefabricated Building Industry News Flash


      The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has recently counted the number of new prefabricated buildings that broke ground in 2019, and here is the result and the top 4 provinces/municipalities regarding the ratio.



      Prefabricated Buildings that Broke Ground in 2019

      Percentage of Prefabricated Buildings in New Buildings

      National Total

      420 million m2 (up 45%)



      34.44 million m2



      14.13 million m2



      18.56 million m2



      78.95 million m2



      [Local News]

      Ø Guangdong: In recent years, Guangdong have been rolling out social housing schemes to hold on to its imported talents. For example, located in Baoan District, Shenzhen’s Yanheyuan affordable apartment project began construction in Dec. 2019, and is scheduled to be move-in ready by Sept. 2022. Spanning 9855m2 of land, the project will have a total construction floor area of 53,000m2, and 728 apartment units for talented people. 


      Ø Hainan: According to Hainan Province Building Industrialization Development Plan (2018-2022), by 2020, the province’s total prefabricated construction area will reach 19 million sq.m, and 61 million sq.m by 2022. Based on this calculation, in 2022, Hainan’s demand for prefabricated components will hit 27.6291 million m2.  



      Ø 130 container home modules manufactured by CIMC departed Yangzhou Port this May 3rd, expecting to reach its destination in Norway in 50 days, where the containers will be assembled into a 12-storey apartment building. CIMC and its European client are right now holding discussions over 8 following projects, of which 5 will be delivered within 2020, totaling over 600 container modules.


      Ø Gemdale, China’s 14th biggest real estate developer by revenue in 2019, has recently released its 2019 annual report, according to which the company yielded 63.42 billion yuan of revenue in 2019, up by 25.1%. The report also mentioned that last year Gemdale developed 55 prefabricated building projects, constructing over 5.26 million sq.m of prefabricated constructions.


      [Trade Shows]

        Guangdong has downgraded its public health emergency response from level 2 to level 3, effective on May 9th, meaning that large-scale exhibitions and conferences in Guangdong are allowed to be staged again, which will pave the way for the successful staging of China Int’l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo (CIHIE) this Aug.!











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