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      Trafic guide

      Trafic guide


      As China's southern gateway, Guangzhou is a major air, rail and water hub. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) is located approximately 28 km outside the city center. Currently it offers over 70 domestic and 20 international destinations, and is China's third-largest after Beijing and Shanghai.


      The new Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the northern city of Guangzhou, about 28 km from the city centre.

      If you take a taxi trip for about 40 minutes, probably to spend 150 RMB (including the highway tolls);
      or you can choose to take Airport Express Line to the city centre, the grid interval 15 to 60 minutes, prices from 13 to 36 RMB, if not a big traffic jam, about 1 hour trip.

      Guangzhou City Taxi fare is start at 7 RMB for the first 2.3 kilometers; each additional kilometer is 2.6 RMB and each trip charges 1 RMB fuel surcharge.The taxi hot line is 96900. A trip to Pazhou Complex from Baiyun International Airport normally costs around RMB 160.00. 

      You can take to the taxi driver print the invoice.Guangzhou taxi Recommended brands:
      Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi (Blue)
      GJ Tourism Vehicle Taxi (Yellow)
      Guangzhou Transport Group Taxi

      To Pazhou Complex A, please take metro Line 2 to Xinggang Dong Station and choose Exit A; to Pazhou Complex B, please take metro Line 2 to Pazhou Station, exit from Exit B.Guangzhou now has 4 Metro lines (Guangzhou Metro System Map)

      Line 1: Guangzhou East Railway Station - Xilang
      Interchange Station: Gongyuanqian (to Line 2), Guangzhou East Railway Station (to Line 3), Tiyu Xilu (to Line 3)
      Line 2: Sanyuanli - Wanshengwei
      Interchange Station: Gongyuanqina (to Line 1), Kecun (to Line 2), Wanshengwei (to Line 4)
      Line 3: Panyu Square - Guangzhou East Railway Station / Tianhe Coach Terminal
      Interchange Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station (to Line 1), Tiyu Xilu(to Line 1), Kecun (to Line 2)
      Line 4: Wanshengwei - Jinzhou
      Interchange Station: Wanshengwei (to Line 2)
      Line 5:Jiaokou-Wenchong
      Interchange Station: Zhujiang New Town ( To line 3), Kecun (to Line 2)
      Line 8:Fenghuang Xincun - Wanshengwei
      Direct Station: Xinggang Dong Station / Pazhou 

      Visitors can reach China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex by bus No.262, No.137, No.139, No.20, etc.

      Geting to Guangzhou from Hong Kong

      If you via Hong Kong to Guangzhou, you can choose the following manner:

      From the Hong Kong International Airport on to New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport flights, flight time requires about 45 minutes.
      Take Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train to Guangzhou East Railway Station. It may take you one and an half hour.
      The MTR's Guangdong lines offer you a choice of conveniently timed Intercity Through Trains between Hong Kong and the Guangzhou. The total journey time is around 1 hour and 40 minutes.( Website: www.mtr.com.hk)

      From the Hong Kong International Airport or the city centre by the major hotels in Guangzhou-bound bus, the journey is about 3.5 hours.



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