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      Exhibit Scope

       Precast Concrete

      PC manufacturing equipment, prestressing shrouded equipment, prefabricated structural fittings, embedded parts and accessories, concrete chemicals, mould tools, PC support system, construction escalator, etc.

      Steel Structure

      Heavy steel structure, light steel structure, and other steel structural system, steel structure construction and welding technology, fire protection of steel framework, anti-corrosion / waterproof materials and technologies, steel panel, steel material, steel pipe, steel structure design and other auxiliary products, etc.

      Wood Structure

      All kinds of wooden / bamboo / wood structure construction of environmental protection, wood structural processing equipment, timber protective agents, wood and plastic integrated landscape panel, wood structural architectural design and related products, etc.

       Hybrid Structure and Modular House

      Steel and wood hybrid structure, aluminum and wood hybrid structure, steel and aluminum hybrid structure, steel concrete structure, aluminum villa, sunlight house, tent, tree house, recreational vehicle, mobile toilet, sentry box, camping room, container, modular house, 3D print house, etc.

      Passive House Construction

      Building materials, technology and consumables for passive house construction.

      Finished Decoration & Inner Decoration Industrialization

      Monolithic bathroom / kitchen / container, filler and segregation system, elevated floor, same-floor drainage, electric appliance, sanitary wares, decoration materials and products, elderly-oriented design, integrated technologies and accessories for built-in industrialization, etc.

      Underground Pip e Gallery, Sponge City, Characteristic Town

      Planning, design, construction, maintenance and other technologies, products, exemplary construction projects, infrastructure construction of characteristic towns, intelligent supporting facilities, etc.

      Intelligent System

      ★ Detailed design for PC, R & D of BIM technology, planning / design / construction / production / supervision / property management of construction, industry information, intelligent construction, etc.

      ★ Integrated Fireproof Construction: fire automatic alarm system and linkage control system, residential fire safety system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire emergency lighting and 3D evacuation display, power supply monitoring system for fire fighting equipment, combustible gas detection and alarm system, fire door monitoring system, intelligent automatic fire alarm control system, etc.

      ★ Building Intelligent System and Facilities: all kinds of automation control system for electric equipment, system integrated product, intelligent management system, housing intelligent integrated and intelligent system solution, etc.

      Building Industrialization Parts

      ★ Green Building Materials: energy saving window and door, sunshade system on curtain wall, construction coatings, sealants, wallpaper, bricks, floors, stairs, ceilings, and other hardware accessories.

      ★ Building Envelope Parts: wall heat insulation materials, exterior wall decorated panel, roof waterproof, roof heat insulation material, heat insulation coatings, fireproof materials, aerated concrete block, ceramsite concrete block, integrated suspended ceiling, roof and vertical greening materials, etc.

      ★ Solar Building Integrated System:solar heating system, solar PV system, solar exterior wall and roof components, accessories, solar water heater, renewable energy products, etc.

      ★ New Energy Equipment System: central fresh air ventilation system, air purification system, central purification system, central vacuum system, constant temperature and humidity system, ground source / water source / air source heat pump system, HVAC equipment and products, water treatment equipment, air condition cleaning and test, maintenance, indoor air test, etc.



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